Meet Our ‘Ohana

With over 1,000 employees in 32 countries, we offer career opportunities throughout the world.

Rx Lab

Our lab produces each pair of Maui Jim prescription sunglasses sold worldwide. We make every prescription lens using our exclusive digital lens design and cutting-edge direct surfacing technology. This approach delivers the widest possible field of view, so you can see clear, colorful detail across the entirety of each lens.

Customer Care

If you’re passionate about helping people, our Customer Care departments live to provide unmatched service excellence. We love our customers and redefine high-touch, personal connections. We empower our employees to make decisions and live Aloha. From processing repairs to answering the phone, this tight-knit team supports one another in finding solutions to our customers needs.


Marketing, Events, & Sales

Marketing and events work diligently to convey our brand message and spread Aloha to consumers.
From advertising to PR to events and market analytics our employees promote the Maui Jim brand and create demand for our product. Our global sales team engages the right accounts that can successfully promote our product. They provide technical training to our accounts to ensure they are fully knowledgeable and ready to supply the demand that our marketing team creates.


HR, Accounting, & Admin

You’re more than just a number. We are always searching for smart, forward thinking, problem solvers to join our HR, Accounting and Admin teams. Our financial team records the finances of the organization, prepares the financials and analysis to ensure the business stays on track. HR manages the employee to employer relationship from the point of hire to retirement. And most importantly makes sure everyone is paid and kept happy.


Developing, automating and innovating our future. Our technology teams rely on forward thinking, data driven individuals focused on development and support of our partners, consumers and employees. Digital keeps our global business connected and operating across multiple touchpoints daily to deliver superior customer service.

We combine intense research, meticulous craftsmanship, industry leading technology, and a commitment to being the best. The same effort that goes into every pair of Maui Jim sunglasses.

Internships & Seasonal

Are you looking to get your flip flops (slippas) in the door?  Apply for an internship opportunity or join our summer temp pool.  Our events internships are the gateway to many opportunities within our events and sales teams.  Many of our full-time employees started in the trenches in one of these roles and has since risen within the organization. Summer positions are regularly available within our Customer Care, Distribution, Facilities and Rx Lab teams in our Peoria, Illinois facility. Internships are annually offered within our Events team in our Illinois and Maui locations. The Maui Jim Summer Internship Program offers the opportunity to gain valuable work experience and education in a real-world business environment. Interested? Check our website for new and exciting internship opportunities.